Easy Blog Networks Review

Easy Blog Networks offers an innovative method of hosting PBN sites by deploying them to various individual hosting providers instead of directly hosting sites by themselves.

Along with that, they fully take care of the management and maintenance through their automation systems.

The main advantage of their platform is the diversity of their providers. They range between reputable online hosts such as IBM (SoftLayer), Amazon (AWS), Digital Ocean, Rackspace, etc.

Currently, EBN utilizes these providers in 36 different data centers and provides its customers with close to 500 unique IP addresses.

The biggest EBN’s concern is to keep their platform footprints-free. Even though they still experience slight site de-indexation rate, this rate is negligible comparing to other PBN hosting platforms.

One of EBN’s advantage over other PBN hostings as well as SEO hostings is that they employ third-party auditors who inspect the platform for any footprint loopholes.

To me, this proves they care for their customers’ networks and shows how responsible and reliable EBN is. I wish more PBN hosting providers would follow their lead.

If your PBN is hosted on Amazon (AWS), your nameserver addresses reflect it. Unlike many other SEO and PBN host providers, Easy Blog Networks issues IPs and nameservers right from the hosting provider.

While most other PBN hosting providers promise their customers that their nameservers are directly provided by the hosts, in many cases it’s not true. EBN, in turn, seems to fulfill its promise.

Features to Look Out For

One of the things I like most about EBN is the dashboard. I can automatically log in, which is a simple yet extremely convenient feature, and easily observe my blogs’ main stats immediately. Another comfort is having my WordPress, plugins, themes, and backups automatically updated. Believe me, this might seem frivolous, but for someone as busy as I am, these are features I greatly appreciate.

The emailing system allows me to look more professional by automatically displaying my domain name, e.g. info@domain.com. It’s a unique perk that makes things both easier and more sophisticated. On top of that, I get to access all mail directly through the tools section. If I come across any issues with the system, assistance is just one message away.

Customer Support Is Top Notch

I haven’t come across any substantial issues while using EBN, but I’ve found that the service team is quite helpful whenever I have questions, need anti-hack security, want speed optimization, and require general fixes. In fact, my blogs have become so speedy that I’ve resorted to running my smaller blogs on EBN as well. I especially find the Live Chat feature to be very handy, and have even come across the platform’s owner a few times on it.

If I Had to Point Out One Issue…

As of right now, I’d say the only issue (if you could even call it that) I’ve found is that EBN is solely a WordPress hosting provider. It’d be nice to see it branch out for people who use other platforms, like HTML websites for instance, but I guess it’s commendable that EBN wants to keep focus and concentrate on WordPress. At least I know I’m getting first-rate expertise.

Is It Affordable?

For the quality of service and value it provides, I’d say the prices are quite competitive. Plans start at $29/month for 10 IPs, and go up to $99/month for 50.

My Final Conclusion

The verdict is in. Honestly, Easy Blog Networks really shines when matched with my essential requirements. It’s good value for the buck, offers diverse access to high-profile hosting providers, and is very much secured. To top it off, I love how automated and uncomplicated the features are, making my life just that much easier. I’m really not sure whether you can find many PBN hosts that provide the same benefits. Two thumbs up!