SEO basics for beginners

Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to SEO


Without fully mastering these essential search engine optimization basics you’ll never be able to reach SEO star level!

Oleg DonetsSEO Expert


Existing Problem

Approximately 99% of the companies that inquire my SEO agency’s services, have their websites either completely or partially not properly optimized.

There are various possible reasons to that. Below are two the most frequent ones:

  • They can’t afford to hire a professional SEO company to handle their SEO for them.
  • They don’t want to hire an SEO agency for some reason and therefore try to do it all by themselves.

Despite all that, I can totally understand why those individual business owners overlook basics of search engine optimization. They truly want their websites to perform better in search engines but they simply don’t specialize in that.

In the end of the day, they run their businesses 24/7 and they’re very good in what they do. However, they are just not able to master this highly demanding and consistently evolving SEO skill due to not sufficient focus.

With that being said, after years of practical experience with websites’ optimization, my team and I realized that this problem is way bigger than it appears to be.

We realized that around 40-50% of the clients who approached us to help them with their SEO, were actually working with other SEO companies at the time when they approached us.

I said to myself, “wait a minute. If these companies are already working with other SEO providers, why in the world would they approach us?”

After talking to them, the answer was obvious – not sufficient or no results at all!

Later, when they became our clients, we first of all thoroughly analyzed their websites for an existence of SEO basics. And guess what…? There was little or absolutely no essential search engine optimization strategy behind it.

We found out that the employed techniques of the previous so-called SEO agencies were incompetent, incorrect and ineffective.

What was even more disturbing to find out is that in majority of the cases, those strategies were holding clients’ websites back from ranking highly in major search engines.

After seeing this exact same situation over and over again with multiple clients, we came to a conclusion that there is a decent amount of SEO companies out there that don’t know what the hell they do!


Information Overload

Now, to make it clear. I didn’t tell you this story to promote my SEO agency or brag about how good we’re. This is not the purpose of this guide in particular and this website in general.

I brought these facts to your attention to make an important point. To make you understand that there is a significant problem out there.

There is a very little valid and proven information on how to do search engine optimization properly and effectively in an overwhelming ocean of available information online!

Oleg DonetsSEO Expert

These days you’ll find tons of SEO training for beginners on the web. Unfortunately, vast majority of those tutorials are made by incompetent people who either have never ranked a single website in search engines or those who have no idea what they do!

It’s extremely challenging task, especially for beginner SEOs, to filter out all the crap that exists on the web today and consume only actionable and effective information. I know how it feels… I was there myself in the beginning of my SEO career.

It took me about 6 years of none-stop testing to narrow down essential things that actually work and get rid of all the shit that was fed to me by those useless and time-wasting, free as well as paid, SEO trainings for beginners!

Eventually, after 6 years of actually practicing SEO, I came up with my own strategy that has proved itself effective in ranking both my agency clietns’ websites as well as my own web projects.

All this starts from mastering fundamental search engine optimization basics. Without knowing and implementing these basics, you won’t be able to get high placements in search engines PERIOD.


My Promise

I can tell you with 100% confidence that if you learn SEO from me and follow my instructions step by step, you’ll soon be able to rank websites even in the most competitive markets!

It’s quite bold statement. Isn’t it?

Well, you don’t need to believe my words so easily. Read what my agency’s clients say about me on my LinkedIn profile. And this is only a fraction of success stories that my team and I are responsible for.

So, if you want to learn SEO step by step from an expert who actually does it for a living, you must start from reading this SEO starter guide.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s for your own or your clients’ websites. I guarantee you’ll become a valuable SEO expert if you master these essential SEO basics and follow my implementation instructions.

Ok, enough with stories. Let’s dive right into the core training.


3 Essential Components of SEO Basics

chart of 3 Essential Components of SEO

I personally love having a subject taught through visual elements and analogies. I believe you too. It is way easier to understand something new and somewhat complex this way.

This is why I love teaching by giving analogies. For these 3 essential components of SEO basics, I love giving an analogy of a racing car. So here is how I break it down:

  • Technical SEO: Importance of shape of a vehicle’s body.
  • On-Page SEO: Importance of shape of a vehicle’s wheels.
  • Off-Page SEO: Importance of a vehicle’s fuel.


#1 Technical SEO (shape of vehicle’s body)

In simple words, technical search engine optimization is a set of activities that focus on optimizing back-end infrastructure of a website for major search engines to help maximize ongoing on-page and off-page SEO efforts.

In other words, technical SEO is an integral part of your on-page and off-page strategy without which neither of these two will be 100% successfully utilized.

I want to make this point very clear. You still can get great results without technical SEO (assuming your on-page and off-page optimization are perfect).

However, with proper technical optimization, you’ll be able to utilize 100% of the available resources, which potentially may be that little edge that you need to outrank your competitors!

In terms of my racing car analogy, I compare this SEO basics component to shape of a vehicle’s body which is influenced by science of automotive aerodynamics.

The aerodynamics are the most important factor in the design of a Formula 1 car. An air duct panel between the front wheel and the side panel, for instance, can add more speed than two or three extra horsepower. The Formula 1 teams invest up to 20% of their total budget in the science of the winds, making their cars even faster with innovative aerodynamic designs. (source)

In other words, between the two equally well-equipped racing cars, the one that has more efficient shape, will have that tiny edge over the other that will ultimately help it win the race.

So, if you want to become a valuable SEO expert who’s committed to always be one of the best in the industry, never underestimate this critical SEO component.

I specifically created this in-depth technical SEO audit guide for those who want to master this essential part of search engine optimization basics. It’s totally free for my readers. So go ahead and start learning today.

Start Mastering Technical SEO Today


#2 On-Page SEO (shape of vehicle’s wheels)

In simple words, on-page SEO (also known as on-site SEO) is a set of activities that are performed directly on a promoted website which focus on optimizing its content and structure for maximal discoverability in major search engines.

In addition, on-page optimization (assuming it’s properly done) is a number one amplifier of overall off-page SEO efforts.

I can’t stress enough how important on-page SEO is. It is so freaking often overlooked by both website owners and SEO agencies. Nevertheless, I already discussed few most frequent reasons why it happens in the very beginning of this post.

In terms of my racing car analogy, I compare this SEO basics component to shape of vehicle’s wheels. And this one is ridiculously simple, yet it portraits its importance in the best possible way.

So let me ask you a question. What car do you think will win the race, the one with round-shaped wheels or the one with square-shaped wheels?

LOL! The answer is obvious…

However, this is the same exact effect your own or your client’s website will experience if your on-page optimization is faulty. And it doesn’t matter how good your off-page optimization will be. You won’t get far on square-shaped wheels!

This SEO component is fundamental for any successful SEO campaign. Without knowing all the Ins and Outs of it, you’ll never be able to reach the highest league of top SEO experts.

I specifically created this in-depth on-page SEO guide for those who want to master this essential part of search engine optimization basics. It’s totally free for my readers. So go ahead and start learning today.

Start Mastering On-Page SEO Today


#3 Off-Page SEO (vehicle’s fuel)

In simple words, off-page SEO is a set of activities that are performed outside of a promoted website which focus on increasing its Authority, Relevance and Popularity to improve its overall ranking in major search engines.

There are two main components that are responsible for off-page SEO.

  • Hyperlinks: Mainly refers to all sorts of link building techniques.
  • Citations: Mainly refers to brand mentions and citations.

Off page optimization is most effective when implemented along with proper on-page and technical optimization. I can’t stress enough how important off-page SEO is for high ranking!

In terms of my racing car analogy, I compare this essential SEO component to a fuel.

Doesn’t matter how big and powerful your car’s engine is. If your car doesn’t have enough fuel or that fuel is of poor quality, you won’t be able to compete with those who have all that in place and in excess.

It just doesn’t work that way. Below is the same analogy but in our SEO terms:

Regardless how perfect your on-page and technical optimization is, if your off-page SEO is poor or not properly executed, you won’t get much success in ranking your website (unless it is in really not competitive market).

I specifically created this in-depth off-page SEO guide for those who want to master this essential part of search engine optimization basics. It’s totally free for my readers. So go ahead and start learning today.

Start Mastering Off-Page SEO Today